My name is Antonia Peña, I am from Galicia (Spain) and I have been a professional photographer since 2002, having built my business in Madrid (Spain), and now I am a well established London Photographer and a prominent fashion and food photographer. I am an internationally published photographer, with previous clients including: Maxim, GQ Magazine, Spain Gourmetour Magazine, Vanessa Kandiyoti Jewerly, Hoss Intropia, Royal National Ballet, BMW, Miele, Pepsico, Cafés La Mexicana, Royal Spanish Cannery, Ramón Peña Canned.

I have a long record in the fashion industry, media hype and author photography. If you want to know more about me, Please, have a look to www.antoniapenia.co.uk

“Dblanco” (“de blanco”) is Spanish for “in white”, referring to the traditional colour of the bride’s wedding dress.

I love life and love what I do. I always feel lucky to be a wedding photographer and to be part of a couple’s very special day.

My style of wedding photography is fairly fluid as it’s a wedding not a photoshoot. I do very little instructing or arranging of shots throughout the day. It’s photography reportage with a quirky edge. I document the day as it happens with beautiful, timeless, creative images. As well as capturing these pictures and memories, inclusively every instant that may go unseen, I try to keep things as fun and relaxed as possible – I know how you’ll be feeling on the big day.

I understand that the key objective of a photography work is to report visually a unique event, applying the same techniques and approach used in other fields. As a result I seek exclusive and inimitable images, full of character that all together report an exceptional true story. Where every character plays in a natural way and each captured instant may come alive again and again, expressing the values of both main characters.

I always generate a personalised relationship with every client, considering that every couple is unique.

I will follow every small detail, shooting all that happens in the most special day of your lives, for you to remember always with a smile.


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